Our Mission

Smartees.art is dedicated to helping young people chase their dreams. We do this by awarding scholarships for high school seniors interested in pursuing an arts degree. We are starting with a group of artists that includes three students and one six year old. Each artist has seven designs.

Each t-shirt or tote bag comes with a card with the artist’s biography. The designs may be printed only 200 times and will be numbered according to printmaking tradition as in: 67/200. From every product sold a percentage goes to the artist and also to the Scholarship Fund. In the beginning the scholarships will be awarded in the cities where we live, starting with Reading, Pennsylvania. As we grow, there will be more and more artists, always keeping a balance between students and professionals.

On these pages you will find the work of professional artists, self-taught artists, art students and student artists. All the artists get paid the same rate for their designs and everyone contributes equally to the Scholarship Fund.