Our Team

Karina and Suzanne met in the 70s and shared an apartment in Lexington Kentucky with Suzanne’s sister for a time. They all went their separate ways keeping in touch occasionally.

Karina, the controller for a group of restaurants, always dreamed of giving back to the community in some way. She came up with this fabulous idea of selling art on T-shirts, as a way to help artists and art students and pitched her idea to Suzanne, an artist and art instructor, over a magnificent brunch in 2021. As they got to work navigating the intricacies of building a website on Shopify, they quickly realized they would need help and Keely, Suzanne’s daughter, joined the team. Keely does Social Media for a large marketing company.

Karina is the visionary dreamer who came up with this whole crazy/inspired idea………

Suzanne mixes word wrangling with buckets of tertiary colors, harmonizing as she goes….

Keely brings her brilliant marketing strategies to the group and she knows code!!